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Artist's Trading Cards are only 3.5 x 2.5 inches, but I had fun trying them out:

ATC n°1
8.9 x 6.3 cm, oil on canvas panel

ATC n°2
8.9 x 6.3 cm, oil on canvas panel

Place(s) à l'Art 2015 à Uccle

"Place(s) à l'Art - le 8 septembre 2013", oil on 13x18 cm canvas panel

"Place(s) à l'art 
le 4 août 2011"
Centre culturel d'Uccle
"Place(s) à l'art
le 25 septembre 2011"
Parvis Saint-Pierre

I plan to exhibit a few paintings on the following Sunday mornings
from 10am to 1pm (weather permitting):

J'exposerai quelques tableaux les dimanches matins suivants de 10h00 à 13h00 (s'il fait beau):

le 30 août 2015 pendant le concert au
Parc Wolvendael à Uccle

"Place(s) à l'Art - le 14 juin 2015"
oil on canvas, 18x13 cm
le 13 septembre 2015
à la Place St Pierre

et le 27 septembre 2015
à la Place St Pierre

Pour le programme complet, voir:  Site de la Commune d'Uccle

"Place(s) à l'Art - septembre 2012", oil on canvas, 20x20 cm
(private collection, Brussels)

Virtual Paintout - Estonia - June 2015

My Google Street View travels in Estonia led me to a colorful flower market near the gate to the old city in Tallinn. 

Link to Google Street View

"The flower market in Tallinn"
15x15cm, oil on canvas panel

I also checked what the guidebooks tell you to see in the country.  The Kadriorg Palace was high on their list:

Later, I was surprised to discover that its Estonian name,"Kadrioru Loss", means "Catherine's valley". Originally built for Catherine I of Russia, the building now houses an art museum.

"Kadriorg Palace"
10x15cm, oil on canvas panel

After the Parcours d'Artistes

Here is my "Chateau de Wolvendael" painting in its new home (bottom right).

10ème Parcours d'Artistes d'Uccle

Nous serons au Bookshop d'Oxfam à Uccle pour la 10ème édition du Parcours d'Artistes les 23, 24, et 25 mai!   

The Bookshop will be open during the entire Pentecost weekend.  Everyone is welcome to stop by and see the exhibit of paintings and jewelry as well as the huge collection of books, including many in English.

Link to jewelry: Bijoux éthnique de Dominique 

Le Kauwberg à Uccle - hivers - février 2015

Now I have a small painting from every season for this park in Uccle.  To see all four paintings as well as some colored pencil drawings of the site, click on the "Kauwberg" tag below.

"Le Kauwberg, février"
15x10 cm, oil on canvas panel

Virtual Paintout - Greenland III - March 2015

"Ice Float"
6x9 inch, oil pastel on panel

Virtual Paintout - Greenland II - March 2015

There are practically no roads connecting villages in Greenland, so the Google team often resorts to travelling by boat. I thought I might try painting an iceberg for my second submission this month but in the end I think I prefer moving water. Here is the reference photo I found in "Street View" LINK

"Waterfall in Greenland"
5x7 inch, oil on canvas

Virtual Paintout - Greenland - March 2015

Greenland looks quite barren and icy in Google Street View but I found some nice colors in the images dating from September 2014 near Nuuk. 

I thought I'd exaggerated the reds but then googled "Images for Greenland in autumn" and was surprised to find similar reds in the photographs. The area is known for the strong colors of its autumn landscapes, which contrast so well with the backdrops of snow and ice. 

"Autumn in Greenland"
8x10 inch, oil on canvas

Virtual Paintout - Bangladesh - February 2015

Above is the final version of "Red Tree in Bangladesh" which I completed in April.

Below is the preliminary version I submitted to the Virtual Paintout for the 28 February deadline:

Link to Google Street View image: Halishahar Road

"Red Tree in Bangladesh"
8x10 inch, oil on canvas
Private collection, Brussels