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The Bird Challenge

This is another of the Daily Paintworks challenges:  link here
I thought this "kingfisher from pixabay" might work well on the small ACEO format.

ACEO n°9: "DPW Bird" 
6.4x8.9cm, oil on canvas panel

Virtual Paintout - Puerto Rico - January 2017


Another tiny 2.5 x 3.5 inch painting. This is a street in Ponce, Puerto Rico, as pictured here:
Google Street View Link  

My other sketches of Puerto Rico are on Flickr:  Plaza Colón and ¿Dónde estás?

ACEO n°8: "La Casa Amarilla" 
6.4x8.9cm, oil on canvas panel

Happy New Year!

Some tiny ACEOs to start the year.  

These small canvas panels are difficult to find in Brussels so I ordered them at www.SharksArtCanvas.com.  I have been calling them ATCs ("Artist Trading Cards") but it looks like that is used only for a specific exchange project. So the generic term must be ACEO ("Art Cards, Editions and Originals").

First, I finally got around to doing the Daily Paintworks painting challenge from 2011.  Take a look at the site to see all the cats:  
The whole cat and kaboodle challenge 

ACEO n°6: "DPW Cat" 
6.4x8.9cm, oil on canvas panel

After that I tried Evhe's "défi de peinture" that I just discovered last week. I am amazed that by checking the VPO blog in Kentucky, I linked to a blog in Malaga and that's where I found a link to this painting challenge hosted by a painter in Moselle:
A nos pinceaux

ACEO n°7: "Tulips" 
8.9x6.4cm, oil on canvas panel

Virtual Paintout - Newfoundland - October 2016

This is for Bill Guffey's Virtual Paintout in Newfoundland.  I decided to try a very tiny canvas for a start. It looks like low tide in early summer at Port au Choix: streetview link.

"Low tide"
6.3 x 9cm, oil on canvas
(private collection, Brussels)

Place(s) à l'Art - 14 August 2016 - two small paintings

In August, "Place(s) à l'art" is always held in Wolvendael Park during the Sunday morning "Concert au Parc". 

In my painting below, the artists have already set up their tables while people from the Commune d'Uccle are busy preparing the nearby concert venue.  

"Avant le Concert"
15x15cm, oil on canvas

At 13h00 it was time to pack up, so I moved to a park bench where I had a good view of the Pavillon Louis XV, currently a restaurant:

"Restaurant Le Louis XV"
15x15cm, oil on canvas panel 

Virtual Paintout - Norway - August 2016

The Virtual Paintout is in Norway this month and it is not difficult to find a spot to paint there. This scene is from Hordaland county: link

After missing a few of these paintouts, I was anxious to get a quick start this month so I used a small canvas. I might come back to this later with a slightly larger one.

"Cloud study"
15x15cm, oil on canvas

City Trip - Barcelona - Final version

"City Trip"
17.5x12.5cm, oil on canvas

Barcelona (first stages)

Finally got around to painting this view of the Sagrada Familia that I found in Google Street View: Link to Gaudi's BasilicaI'm almost done my version but sounds like the real one won't be finished until 2026 or even later.

"City Trip"
12.5x17.5cm, oil on canvas

Virtual Paintout - Scotland - January 2016

A Guid New Year!
Ay, the Virtual Paintout is in Scotland this month! There are several lovely views of this castle available on Street View so I think I'll move around to the other side next. Here's the link I used this time: looking northwest

"Eilean Donan Castle"
12.5x17.5cm, oil on canvas

Happy Holidays!

"Prix du Jour"
Collage on postcard paper

To keep up my tradition of doing craft projects during the end-of-year holiday season, I'm making some greeting cards using ads collected from the shops.